How do I embroider my apparel?

Step One: Artwork

Send us over your vector artwork.
Don’t have vector? Don’t worry!
We have a design team to help you out.

Step Two: Digitizing

In order to get embroidery done, we
need to make sure we have a digitized
file for the machines. This makes it possible
for the file to talk to the machines and become
accurate with your artwork.

Step Three: Apparel

We have a wide variety of shirts,
hats, hoodies, etc. for all of your
embroidery needs! Click here to
check out our catalog.

Step Four: Thread

Stitches are a big component in embroidery.
The bigger and more colorful the logo, the more
stitiches it will be. This can raise your price, so
keep this in mind when choosing your artwork.

Step Five: Sizing

Choose your location and size
for your embroidery. We want to make
sure it is perfect for you. Click here
to see our sizing options.

Step Six: Approval

We will send you a proof within 24 hours
of your product before we embroider. We
want to make sure your product is exactly
what you want.

Step Seven: Embroidery

After we get your approval, we will send
your apparel into production and get
started on your order!

Step Eight: End Result

After we finish embroidering your apparel,
we will do a final inspection, and then
give you a call to pick up your order. Don’t
live close by? Don’t worry! We can ship all
across the country.

Step Eight: Happiness

Our goal is to always make our customers
happy. We are dedicated and focused on
giving our customers the best experience
and the best product.